Copy of VR

Shimahara Illustration helps architects, developers, and interior designers take advantage of the Virtual Reality options available to companies of any size.   



Mobile VR is the most efficient pathway to Virtual Reality.

Shimahara Illustration will produce a project specific app for your mobile

phone which can provide multiple 360 degree experiences from a fixed

position. Mobile VR is the quick and cost effective solution to sharing your

designs with clients in this exciting medium.   



Immersive VR is a sophisticated Virtual Reality experience.

Shimahara Illustration will optimize your project model and immerse you

directly within the space, enabling lateral moment and the ability to interact

with the design. The perfect tool for client interviews or marketing sales

centers, Immersive VR takes full advantage of all that the medium has to offer.      



Augmented Reality turns your mobile device into a viewfinder capable

of displaying holographic-like architectural 3D models onto

any surface. AR is the digital version of a physical scale model. 


If you are interested in learning more about any of these exciting

ways to pre-experience architecture, please schedule a demonstration

at Shimahara Illustration in Los Angeles and we'll help you get

started, gratis! Thank you!